Can I use a theme for more than one blog?

Hi. I was just hoping someone could clarify the whole single use policy for me with regards to blog themes. I am just about to buy a theme to build a blog and am I right in assuming that I can only then use the theme in that one blog?

If, and when I start a second blog in the future I cannot just upload the same theme into wordpress and use it, I will need to buy another theme?

These are all purely my own blogs, I will not be selling them to customers etc.

Many Thanks.


You are able to use one theme at one domain.You purchase item will not working on other domain in this reason you are not able to use another domain.
You have to purchase another item for another domain cause after activation your license will not work on other domain again.


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Thank you so much for the quick response, and clearing that one up for me :slightly_smiling_face: