Can I use a standard license for a youtube intro video?

I am making a video for youtube and I want to put music behind it. It will be used on every video I create, and inserted as the intro video before the main topic of my video starts. Can I use a standard license for this? This isn’t being sold to a client or used to sell products, and will be used for the same purpose in every video. The topic of each video is always in the same category. the video and music intro created will never change or be edited. if I cant use the standard, which license do I use?


For Youtube, the Music Standard License is indeed the one that’s required. One license is good for one end-product, which usually is a video. So, you would have to have a license for each video.

However, if your intro is always the same with no modification whatsoever (no different texts nor voice overs nor visual content), and is just slapped as is at the start of your video, then in this case, the intro itself can be considered to be the end-product. You could then use this end-product in any number of videos.

Hope it helps!

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