Can I use a local working environment for WordPress running a theme?

Whenever I develop a website, I normally develop locally using the likes of WAMP and then upload to the hosting server when the site is ready to go live.

I’m shortly going to start my first WordPress site for a client, using something like Avada or BeTheme. Is my usual method of working locally viable when using a theme such as these? Are these themes ‘tied’ to a domain name in any way when purchased, which would kind of rule out developing using a localhost setup?

I’ve had WordPress running quite happily on a local install in the past, but only at fairly simplistic level and using a third party theme is obviously going to take it up a notch - I just wanted to be sure that the use of a theme wouldn’t bring any additional complications of its own … other than the expected stuff like having to export the database structure/content and re-import on the hosting server.

Thank you in advance :grin:

You can install/configure the purchased theme on localhost as well as on live server at same time or transfer from localhost to live server when ready.
The themes aren’t tied with any domain name after purchasing but should only be used on single domain.

I m using this solution, works good :sunny:

Fantastic - thank you both for the prompt replies … much appreciated :+1: