Can I use a image of my standard licence videohive template

I have a Videohive template which I purchased on a standard licence. Is it possible to use a flat image of the template to use as a logo on a Facebook fan page - to promote the original product related to my standard licence.

Hi MDL79,
It is not necessary, as part of its promotion project.
If you want to know about “Regular License” and “Extended License” , Check this out.
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Hi Juanmita and thanks for your rely

My Video hive template is a picture book that opens, but I also want to use a picture of the template when the book is closed with just the title so that when I create a facebook fan page I can use a picture of the closed book

This is my opinion as a videohive author, you may want to wait for something official:

To me, this is still one end product. You take a still frame to advertise the whole thing.
If someone buys a license to use a videohive item in a movie and then in the trailer it is also visible, I’d say the same: one license is fine. The trailer is only a part of the whole movie and therefore it is the same end product.
It’s not different in your case, you want to promote the whole piece by showing one frame of it. You don’t rerender it or promote a whole different thing, so to me it is clear: one license is totally fine.

If it was one of my files I’d say don’t worry any more, it is totally fine with one license, but as I don’t have any book template so it was someone else’s file for sure you may want to wait for an official response.

The sole fact that you ask about it here in the forum speaks for your honesty, thank you for that :blush:
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Thank you for your insight, it is well appreciated.