Can I use a 3d pokemon character in After Effects projects


Recently I developed the idea of an after effects project, that features a 3d animation of a Pokemon character like “Charizard”.

I have recently modeled and rigged some 3d Pokemon, and I had the idea of making an after effects template with them.

Are we allowed to use such characters in after effects templates?

Thanks in advance.

I could be wrong, but I guess you can´t do that because of copyrights, the same way you can´t use, for example, Nike or McDonalds logos on video previews of templates.

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What got me wondering is that there is a lot of commercial web sites using those assets like “”, “”, etc…
Why not can’t we use the same assets in our projects?

I don´t know the legal terms or licenses of those companies, but I know that here you can´t use these kind of assets because of copyrights, anyway, as I said, I could be wrong. You can write to Envato Support and ask them, so you can be sure about this.

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You can use your own 3D model to create a template for Videohive. GoForMotion is not correct.


Logos are trademarks, but we can use models (like iPhones) without logos for example.


Thanks for the explanation :+1:

Thank you! :+1::+1:

This made me remember that an author here used a Delorean 3D model from Back to the Future, but with no logos, and characters from DC Comics for an intro but with no logos also. And all this was ok and accepted on Videohive. Thank you @DREAMYARD_Visuals and @GZGRAPHICS. This will help @PsiArts about what things can be used to make a template without copyrights issues.