can i upload two versions of the same item?

Hi, i have this item which is a Chatting app, it was built using Firebase, however some of clients like to deploy it to their own servers without the need to Firebase.

so i am thinking of creating a version of my app with the exact same features but instead of Firebase we can host it to any private server or VPS for example.

so the questions is will Codecanyon approve this or they would see that they have enough items already exists in the market as they typically say? because i don’t to start working on it and at the end they reject it and all of my work lost in vain.

i’ve already contacted Envato Support team and they’ve told me that they can’t pre-approve things like this.

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Hi @devlomi,
As far my understanding about the market, Yes you can submit different version of same product with same look and features. It’s allowed.

But getting approved is totally different thing, it depends with lot of unknow variables that Envato consider while reviewing an item.

For example, I’ve seen in Web Template category, PSD design approved, HTML approved but WordPress rejected, also in other case, PSD rejected, but HTML approved, even WordPress approved but Joomla got rejected. So such case could happen.

Hope you’ve got some insight to make your decision.

Thanks, hopefully it would be accepted.

The maximum number of variations on one item any author can upload is three. Variations are generally discouraged unless they cannot be accomplished by altering the file after purchase. Variations will only be accepted for sale if they offer a distinct new use to customers.

Thanks for the info, it does make sense.

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If you’re going to upload the “new” item to the same category ( mobile / android ) you will get the rejection, they won’t approve the item as you’re not offering anything new but different coding.

You can add the variants into the current item if you’d prefer

You can refer the Magento category as an example. Magento 1 and Magento 2 is different systems but authors weren’t allowed to upload the same item as new in the same category.

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