Can I upload two different category item (Site Template and Wordpress) on themeforest at one time ?

Hi everyone,

I have one HTML template and other is WordPress theme in the different design. So can I upload both items at one time? As I was reading last time that we can upload one item but there I could not understand clearly. Please help me if anyone knows about that.

Thanks In advance:slight_smile:

Yes, you can. 1 WP + 1 HTML

Thank you so much :slight_smile: Its mean I can’t upload two HTML or Wordpress Theme at one time. Am I right?

First upload one item, let say WP. And when you try to upload another WP it will say you already have 1 WP - You have reached your upload limit for this category

But you can upload HTML or eCommerce or PSD or any other item from different category.

1 item per category at same time - that is the point.