Can I upload this type of item to themeforest - please, remove my fear of rejection

We recently designed a wordpress template.

Link is withdrawn by user

I want to know,
Can I create similar types of theme to sell it on envato.
I know a theme should contains maximum features, but I need your review on the above website. So that, you can help me minimizing the fear of rejection.


I am pretty sure that is a TF file (just stripped back) esp. as the author of the website uses a TF file for their own website and their portfolio is full of sites built on templates.

You can create something like this or in this style for TF BUT it still needs to meet minimum requirements and would be recommended to be based on some kind of framework or builder to easily extend it’s capacity

Can you please explain what do you mean by this.

I am quite sure that the Rebels website is based on a TF file. The people who build it even use a TF template for their own ‘Agency site’.

My point is that it means that yes you can probably design something like this for here. Really it is just the same as any other one page site for sale here already just with different styling.

To make sure all envato requirements are ticked and to interest buyers if you use something like visual composer or similar then at least the site is more flexible and can be evolved easily

Ohh, Thanks,
May I know one more thing, If I buy a visual composer plugin, and create a theme based on that, then isn’t there any issue. Or have I to buy extended plugin for Visual Composer ?

You need an In-Stock License

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it’s has unique layout, mr @petal8

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