Can i Upload this on Themeforest?

Hello everyone,

I hope my question is in the correct topic, if no , I hope to be moved where is necessary :slight_smile:

Ok, for a while I’m working on an desktop application design (UI). I’m a designer, I do not have knowledge regarding development. So it will be only PSD template/files.

The idea is that this application is “in one piece”, i mea i designed from Login screen to dashboard, and all pages are related to one another. I think It will be slightly harder to use separated elements from design to another app/design. Can be used as parts… But the design is built as an entire application. I have around 5-6 screens.

Applications is a Task Manager. Since it will be a PSD template, you can buy it and customize for your needs/companny/startup/ etc.

I also want to do an mobile app for it. Will be 2 separate designs but will come in the same package as one.
Of course, the application will have a page where i’ll put all elements that i’ve used in design. Tabs, forms, etc

The question is… Can i sell this design/platform here? In PSD category?

Can you give some advices? I would appreciate



After some searching, I notice that there are some applications here… like the one below

See Here!

Any reply regarding to this ?:slight_smile:


Hey @KonnstantinC

If you work on a PSD, then you should submit your item on PSD Category. You can add it on Creative or Miscellaneous category.

But if build a mobile app for this PSD, it can’t be submitted to PSD. You need to submit it to CodeCanyon, under Mobile Category.


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Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

Regarding to mobile app/version. Since it will be only psd, i think i can upload only on GraphicRiver - Here

I thought your app is not a PSD :slight_smile:

You can add it on GraphicRiver under Web Elements -> User Interfaces as see there are a lot of apps in there.


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Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: