Can i upload only microsoft word printable to graphicriver?

I am new to graphicriver. Recently I uploaded a word letterhead template and i got rejected. Can you please tell me any possible reason for that?


Main File-

NOTE: I uploaded only word and PDF files,


hi well indeed the thing is that this is clean but flat and that despite the execution is rather good and the time looks decent and cleanly arranged , they also have toms of the same type of things already and , right now , they expect much more from people. I would recommend to justify the block of text, that u use icons are a bit more complex and interesting graphic design wise and that u introduce some relief and creativity somehow some way

Thank you for the reply, and suggestions.

My next question is. We can upload only word files right?

hi no of course not, u can upload as many formats as what they are offering in the section … photoshop, illustrator , indesign, and i guess so others too …