Can i upload my friend's music tracks...?

Hi there,
My friend has just finished his first album with 12 songs all with lyrics.
He is the composer, the lyricist and the publisher.
He is giving me the permission to upload his tracks in my profile, but I wanted to make sure that I’m allowed to do that according to terms and policies by envato
thank you in advance for your feedback!

Better contact to support with this question.

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If the tracks will not be used for commercial purposes with other sites (Exclusive author). In the description of the tracks there is a “composer” where you can specify the name of the author of the track. in parallel, it is also possible to sell music on sites like Beatport, iTunes. This is what I know. possible additional nuances.

Thank you EvgenM. I’m an non exclusive author here, and I have profiles in other sites. That’s why my friend asked me to upload his music in all my profiles for better results. I have to check this further in order not to brake any rules by envato and they “kill” my profile…

Why won’t your friend upload his music himself, on his own account? In the long run, it’ll be much less complicated.

Haha! You should meet him! The guy doesn’t even have a mobile phone…