Can I upload Font to my server? (logo templates)

Hi, I have question, can I upload font to my server? And provide that link in the HelpFile.txt for logo customer?

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It would depend on the fonts license and if you are (commercially) allowed to redistribute it


hi i do not see what is the interest for u to do just this, not to mention that people could tell u that this is a way to self promote or promote your website …

No, you are wrong, there will be no promotion, just direct download. The reason why I want to do this, is that you don’t need to go to third party website, which may wont work in future.

Regardless, this will entirely depend on the license even if it’s a free font (it won’t be an option with any premium fonts)

But with premium fonts you cant sell logo templates, am I wrong?

I’m not an expert in that, but I imagine it would depend on the individual source/license.

For example Typekit say you can use it for logos but that you can’t distribute the original font i.e. as a download from your website :wink:

Using logic -> I think you shouldn’t download (free for commercial use) font and then upload it on your servers and then provide this link in your help file.

Why? Simple - if some website is offering free font it’s obvious they have some agreement with the author and it’s possible that author can ask for remove his font or change the licence therms in the future (maybe yes, maybe no). So I think you should have agreement with the author if you want offer font on your server (which means agreements with many different authors and staying in touch with them… a little problematic I think :slight_smile:

Conclusion? It’s way easier and safer for you to keep original third party web links. If you want to be 100% clear with your customers you can make short note in help file like: “If the link to download font doesn’t work it’s possible that it’s not available anymore” and you can put there some general links to websites which are offering free fonts for download so the customer can search this or similar font by himself.

This is only my personal opinion :slight_smile: good luck.


Guys I think you are right, I see there may be more problems than benefits …

so what even if the thing is not available anymore , anyways … what do u think that some would do?! they would contact u or simply google the name of the font LOL