Can I take one month subscription as Go Unlimited?

Can I take one-month subscription as Go Unlimited? If yes so how to canceled my subscription ?
is it auto renewal monthly or we have to take every month?
How many templates I can download after Go Unlimited subscriptions?
what would be charged?

You can but

  1. you can only access envato elements items not the entire marketplaces

  2. you won’t be able to access WP themes or plugins (unless you subscribe annually)

  3. you must use any downloads in projects complete during the subscription period

  4. yes it’s auto-renewing but you can cancel anytime up to the renewal date from your account on envato elements


Mobile template is included go unlimited subscription or not.
I want to purchase “UpMobile HTML Mobile Template”, Is it available inside it?
How many templates, I can download after Go Unlimited subscriptions?

The product is called Envato Elmements, ‘Go Unlimited’ is only the text used on the button that will take you to the site… just so you know.

If you can find the item on this website… …then it’s included in the subscription. If you can’t, then it isn’t. Nothing on the Marketplaces (GraphicRiver, Themeforest etc) are available to download using your Elements subscription… although there are some items on the Marketplace which are also available on Elements.

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