Can I still make Christmas?

This one got rejected. Took the punch, but would like to know if it can be fixed, because I was really proud of this different kind of Christmas track. A bit moody, but not to sad (imo).

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Don’t think so, the time it might get accepted will be too late already…You might get few sales if you’ll be lucky though.

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I really like the piano part, both the sound, melody and harmony. But the strings (cello?) sounds terrible. I would either submit it without the strings or use a better strings library or another instrument, like glockenspiel or celeste for instance.
I think its already getting late for christmas music though, the christmas music started selling in july for me :grinning:


Really july? I thought that the tracks would also still sell after Christmas.
I change the strings. Am still looking for better ones (have a few). Wanted a solo for this one (cello) and here it sounded ok.
Thansk for the comments!

Its christmas every year so I guess it will sell after christmas also.
If you own Kontakt you can check out the free pocketBlakus cello here:

Too bad, I have sonar, but thanks anyway.

You can download the free Kontakt player at Then you’ll only be able to use for 15 minutes and then have to reload, but you can bounce it to audio before the 15 minutes is up.

Oke nice and thanks again!

The piano is nice, but the string melody clashes with the piano part. Piano and strings need to work better together. Sometimes the rhythm gets lost on me.

A new string melody that is more in sync with the piano part would make this track loads better.

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Yeah your right. Its always the strings😡

Hello, music idea is not bad. I dont like the how the Strings sounds. Not enought total reverberation (close to live orchestral sound).

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I agree with most, nice track but the quality of the string library is killing it, and it’s a bit busy in places. I would maybe even eliminate the strings from 0:05-0:35 and just let the solo piano play, or else I would take the string melody up an octave and make it simpler/more supportive of the piano, but I think going from solo piano to strings at 0:35 would sound quite nice. I would also think about possibly doubling the piano melody with the violin in a higher octave at some point - that would sound powerful and awesome. The strings that come in at 0:36 actually sound pretty nice. The piano melody/playing is really nice. Just some ideas :smile:

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Thanks very much for your reply. Helps a lot!