Can I send emails to customers on Envato?

Hello everyone,

Currently, I am planning to develop modules and plugins around the existing systems on Envato, such as WordPress, CRM, themes, etc. I usually find customers using the following methods:

  1. Select a product that is being sold on Envato, for example, PerfexCRM.
  2. Check comments, reviews, and sales numbers.
  3. Develop a module to solve issues for the customers of that product.
  4. Visit the customer’s profile page to get their email address and send them an email with the module link.

However, after sending just a few emails, the system stops allowing me to send more after 24 hours. Can the admins or anyone suggest a way to increase this limit?

In reality, for products that are already selling well on Envato, I believe that third-party modules expanding the features will attract a certain number of customers compared to developing a completely new module. In this way, Envato also helps sellers increase their sales, and authors can create a synergistic effect between products.

For example, with the module I am currently selling, customers who need one of the two will have to buy PerfexCRM and vice versa.

What you’re doing is considered as “spam/advertise” and Envato doesn’t allow that. You’ll be soon blocked if the users who you sent the emails contact Envato and report you.

And I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to do that within the current Envato user/author policy.


Hi you,

Thank you for the feedback. Fortunately, I haven’t sent out too much yet. However, I managed to sell two items in under 20 emails.

This proves that Envato and the policy team might consider allowing authors to pay to advertise to specific buyer groups on Envato, indirectly increasing sales for both the platform and the authors.

For instance, if I write add-ons for PerfexCRM, I could pay to advertise to those who have already purchased it to promote my module. I believe that a significant number of products would sell if it’s a highly-rated product, like the Flatsome Theme.

It’s not about being able to sell it, it’s about that you’re using Envato’s platform to make sale without the original author’s confirmation or approval along with using the email system for your own purpose

No, customers still have to purchase my product through Envato. I’m just informing them that the issue they encountered with PerfexCRM has been resolved by my module, and customers have purchased it on Envato.

You can create the item and wait for the sales but I don’t still think you could send everyone email to inform about the item. What you can offer/to do is contact the item author and co-operate with them

Thank you, I understand the email issue now. My point is that this method can indirectly generate sales.

Therefore, if Envato’s policy considers allowing sellers to pay for advertising packages on Envato and select target customers (who have purchased related products) they want Envato to advertise to, for instance.

For example, on platforms like Etsy and FBA, sellers can choose advertising packages in addition to the platform’s organic traffic.

Probably the author of the item is not aware of that you’re selling the “solution” for that specific problem and if they are aware of it, they may request a removal of your item as well.

To prevent issues for your sales and not to look the author bad, you should discuss the details with the author and offer a common solution. If they agree, they could offer you a fixed price for the “item” as well as they may add a banner to their item page which would help for both of you but you gotta inform the author first…

You cannot just use the email system on Envato to make sales. As far as I know, it’s against of the rules. You could contact Envato support for the details

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Thank you, I understand the issue now. Thanks a lot for your feedback and advice!

See this one:

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Yes just to reiterated what’s been said, our terms do not allow the contacting of customers for the purposes of marketing. Thanks!

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Thank you for your feedback! I will no longer use that feature for product introductions.

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