Can I sell themes with required for install but not included visul composer?

I`m in development of theme and I build my pages with visul composer but dont plan to buy extend license for now.

Can I sell my theme with option just to be activated Visula Composer but to not be included in my theme?


Maybe, but that’s a horrible idea.

Why for users , for rating ?

Yeah it will result in some pretty unhappy customers that will instantly throw you 1 star ratings.

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But in my description will be noticed - this theme require purchase of VC.

Not if the theme, demo content etc is based on or depends on VC.

You can’t force someone to pay more to achieve what is in your demo.

if it’s allowed (which I very much doubt) then of course it is at your discretion but it would not be a good idea

If you don’t want to pay for a proper license then you’d be better off coding the theme with shortcodes or similar


To buy the extended license for Visual Composer is not much.

If I was a buyer and purchased your theme that required a third-party resource not included (and an added expense to me) I’d be fairly upset. As a buyer, I’d be very hesitant and probably go on looking for something else unless there was something really attracting me to your theme.

Keep in mind, not everyone is a fan of Visual Composer and so you may be loosing some of your audience.

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Thanks to all - I understand you all are right.