Can i sell software without source code ?

Yes I know its duplicate of:

(or maybe many others too)

But those seems too old. So now need updated answers, may be site did changes.

I develop .net softwares for windows. I want to distribute only compiled executables packaged inside installer.
I also have custom licensing system, that allow use for one system only.
For license protection, I will also obfuscate software.

For transparency, I’m ok to share source code to reviewing team, if there’s any malware check ?
But not to clients, as reselling is probably owner’s right, yes ?

Not possible - all items need to share the source code and you can’t implement your own licensing only via envato API


Thanks for reply!
I think you are one of most experienced here. So any alternative recommendation or suggestion to achieve that ?

Because all who purchase code will probably mod and resell (most of them) somewhere as in compiled format, yes ?
(I work on fiverr, I seen 3 clients asking to change logo, name etc for WAsender software)

It’s really not a space I know that much about but given that even the likes of Microsoft and Adobe get nulled it’s always going to be a challenge