Can I sell product that is waiting in queue on TF?

Yeah, that’s no problem. If you’re an exclusive author then you can sell items anywhere you want, before they’ve been on Envato… and you can sell items anywhere you want, after they’ve been on Envato. You just can’t sell items anywhere else, while they are on Envato.

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Sorry, but as I said, I many times wrote to envato that elite authors sells items on different shops … no reaction, only I get ninja badge ( on other login )…

It’s impossible :smiley: TF doesn’t work that fast … I know I will wait at least 12-14 days on 10th I will hold item down on other stores.

@mad_dog think in other way … if you put item exclusively only on TF … and after 5 month You delete item … You lost Your rights to sell it in other market places ?

You won’t create item for TF, You create item for “yourself” but only for sometime You can sell it exclusively on TF.

@WordicaThemes I’m not going to sell it exclusively in that case even on other marketplaces. The exclusiveness means uniqueness for me.

No the exclusiveness means that you SELL it exclusively only on this market in present time - that’s my logic. If You remove item or it’s not in TF shop, You can sell it wherever You want.

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I entirely agree with you that’s why I did not say that I can’t sell my items once they are removed from TF. I had the items removed from TF and still sell them on my website.

Ooo ok I do not understand You …