Can I sell patches for samplers?

My greetings. I am the author of the music that is sold on the Envato. But other than that, I’ll also program the samplers. That is, I record samples in studio conditions, I compose patches (presets) from them. Many users ask me to sell my presets. In fact, this is part of the code. But the demo should be audio! Can I sell these presses via Envato?

it’s a good idea but… in what market? audiojungle?

I think yes. Firstly, the function “audio demo” is only there. Secondly, the patch will be rolled up in a similar zip. The main thing in the description is to specify in detail how to install and for which models of samplers or synthesizers. It is also necessary to specify how many ready-made presets in the package. And specify the size when installing. And all that relates to potential buyers - it is enough to give link to the professional forums.

Here are some packages that I have been asking for a while ago to sell:

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