Can I sell my Wordpress/Elementor site that I built?

I want to know if I can sell my site on Envato

You need to become an author Become an Envato Author

Your item needs to be original and up to the standards (you can share a demo link here if you want feedback)

Then you just need to submit the item for review


Hi Charlie thanks, I’m already an Envato Author but I’m not sure how to upload my files, that zip file what does it should contain if this is a WordPress Site Template with Elementor as the theme builder?
I have the rights to use the images and icons just FYI
Below my site:

You can’t sell a “site”. You can sell a website template here. However, the design of the site you’ve shared is very far from required standards, whatever kind of template that is.

If you are serious about becoming an author here, you should read through these articles:

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