Can i sell My Level 6 Envato Account ? Is it allowed ?

Hi there,

I am having an Envato Account since past 5 Year and i am Level 6 author with 4.17 average rating at Code Canyon among 9 Scripts listed.

Due to severe medical conditions and some other problem i am discounting this business. Is it possible to sell this account to some one at return of money along with all the products , codes etc.


It’s against the rules to sell, give away or transfer ownership of your account unfortunately. Why not just leave it going, forget about, but still get a certain amount of residual income every month?

I was thinking to sell it to someone to get some good amount at once. Anyways. If it is not allowed, then it’s okay.

But still can i collaborate author on percentage basis?

It will needs to remain in your details and all payments etc come to you but otherwise yes you could do this privately