Can I sell music from youtube channels?



Hi guys, lately I started to create much longer tracks and huge channels like “Epic Music World” started to promote my music, but I still don’t know if I can sell this music here if they promoted it on youtube without watermark, which obviously would be stupid move, second thing I don’t think that music like this will fit here on the market since most popular tracks are corporate music or short trailers. I need your opinions about this.
Here are the tracks:


Guys I really want your help with this, i know that here are people that know a lot more than me about this topic, please help me. Music is waiting for upload and I’m stuck.


i have several tracks without watermark on my Youtube channel. If it is your works, you can do whatever with them. You can read Envato rules for reference. And you can be exclusive or non-exclusive author too. Non-Exclusive is more flexible but lower money from sale.


You can sell your music by you tube marketing. If you follow all the rules and regulation about you tube marketing then your sell will increase.


Really good music man! I listened to all 3 tracks. Very talented.