Can i sell an app without its source code here?

Goal: To sell apps, not source codes.
Problem: All the marketplaces i have found are for developers to sell source code.
Question: Can i sell apps without source codes here?
Note: My app is not a store app.

Almost certainly not as that would prevent the buyer from being able to modify it to their needs

Ok. As i understand Envato is for developers, not consumers.
There are many official app stores for consumers, but i didn’t find any 3rd party consumer app store for selling apps like this website for selling codes and it is very surprising to me.
Is there such a website? Because the apps are used by consumers at the end.

Your issues here is that many “consumers” on here are “developers”.

No products here are designed as fixed final products. Can I ask what your app does that makes it unsuitable for a store like Apple or Google etc?

It is simply a non store app for Windows Desktop.
Windows Store doesn’t approve desktop apps.

What about 3rd party app store? Is there such a website at all? If no, the question is why there are so many official app stores, but not 3rd party one? It is very confusing me. Official app stores don’t sell codes, they sell apps.

I wouldn’t know about 3rd party ones. Seems surprising if here are none.

My guess would be that the official brands want to be able to moderate, control, maintain quality etc. apps being used on their systems and prevent problems or damage to users (which could have a detrimental impact on their reputation).

I consider it as there is no famous website to sell apps, only codes. At the current moment i am confused why there are so many official app stores, but not 3rd party one to obtain all operation systems + ability to sell non store apps.

you can try to sale on as that have all the OS covered

Looks like what i want, but it is not, because it is not a store, it gives links to other stores.

What i need is a marketplace to sell all the digital information like apps (not just source code, but also apps separately as product), Envato is good, but it is for developers and it lows down the number of buyers.
I googled and didn’t find while, if someone knows such a website, let me know. It is preferred to have the leading website.

You could try to submit your app to the “Apps” category on CodeCanyon and just see what the reviewer says at the time:

I can see a couple of apps that do not include source code. There might be a bit of wiggle room with native apps and including source code. I’m not really sure and that would be up to the reviewer.

Best of luck with the project!

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Looks exactly what i wanted, i noticed an app there sold good without source code.
I also saw a small difference - it doesn’t write “Files Included”.
It feels like for selling apps for consumers - what i wanted.
I understand it as if i want to sell code, i choose, for example, .Net, if i want to sell an app, i choose Apps.

One small point confusing me - the CodeCanyon first page writes “Scripts and Snippets”.
“Code” is code, but “Snippets” is code snippets or also app snippets without source code?
May be it is not important, but it confuses me(