can I see which website using my licence key ?

Hi there,

Im not good with these informations at all.
for example I created a website and use my licence key and all fine,
after 6 months later some one got my envato account and create a new licence key for the different website. (suggesting that = I can no longer access my envato account.)

Can i see which website used my key from my first website backend

Thank you for your help

You will need to contact the author of the product you purchased. They are the ones registering license keys and most likely register it to a specific URL. They are the ones that can verify who is using the license if anyone at all.

However, if your account can no longer be accessed, then the license key is no longer valid either and hence for you to check this is quite meaningless. More than likely the author will not reconize you as well and may not respond :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you for your reply and informations.

So, there is no way to see which website using my license key from my first registered website-backend ?