Can I return a theme with functionalities missing?

I bought 2 themes recently, but one of the themse doesn’t have the functionalities I was looking for. Can I return the theme & maybe get a replacement theme for the same?


Sorry to say no, you can’t. You can check Refund Policy:

About replacement:
If you didn’t download yet and want to replace with the same Author Item then you can discuss with the Author and there is a possibility to get replacement.

Thanks for your swift response. But there was no way for me to have known the missing functionalities such as color change options, animation effects, etc. before using the theme. Is there anything that can be done at all?

Also I do not prefer to get the reimbursement but would like to get a different theme for the same price. I would really appreciate your help here.


there are some options for customer to do before doing any purchase as like:

  1. check full details from the details page
  2. check demo for exisitng finctionality
  3. post a comments in Item comments if need to know anything or have any query

You have already purchased and downloaded. so, you can contact theme Author if you have any query about theme. Theme Author will be very happy to assist you.


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