Can I reskin an app template purchased from Envato with Regular License and use it to sell?

Suppose I purchase an App template lets say " eCart - Grocery, Food Delivery, Fruits & Vegetable store, Full Android Ecommerce App" and reskin it and sell to my clients. Can I do that? If yes, then can I sell it to more than one clients under same niche but different Business. Should I buy regular License or Extended?

you have to purchase individual license for each client mean your role as like a freelancer. Also in future the App template update download and support will be limited to the original purchaser (in your case only you).

No, you are not allowed to take someone elses’ code and sell it as your own on Envato, even if you reskin it. This way I can become a millionaire. Just by ThemeForest items, add a new color / skin and make money. If you take code that’s not yours and attempt to re-sell it, you will be disabled.