can i resell a purchased wordpress site to other customers?

I make websites for my clients, when I buy a license will I be able to make websites to resell to my clients with the same license?

1 purchase = 1 client/website.

Youi need a separate license for each time you use it

Thanks charlie4282,
Ok so I can buy licenses (1 user/1 site) to develop sites for my clients.
Are the licenses lifetime?
Sorry for so many questions but I’m starting my journey in the commercial area of ​​website creation

They are lifetime but it is more responsible to have the client buy the theme/license. that way if you part ways then they still get access to the support/updates etc. that they should which will not be possible if it is purchased from your account

Ok thanks charlie4282
If I separate from my client, the license is not transferable, I think!
In that case, my client will be able to buy a new license and keep the site’s theme active…right?

You can transfer the use of the theme but not access to support or downloads.

Yes, the client could buy a new license to access it all but a) that’s quite a convoluted process and b) updating the theme may overwrite customizations which you have made depending how they are deployed so you need to be careful

Thank you charlie4282,
I will follow your advice… thanks for your help