Can I request funds in crowdfunding to update my template

If I publish my template on a crowdfunding platform, offering a copy to each member who contributes capital to reach a financial goal that I need to outsource developers, will Envato penalize me?

You cannot share the theme you purchased elsewhere. - you cannot offer free copies unless you purchase “Extended license” if the theme has an option

Not, is my template.

If this is your item you can do with this whatever you want

with ONE EXCEPTION → you can’t sell this on other platforms if you are exclusive seller on Envato Market (if you are non exclusive - then you can)

I don’t know how to treat crowdfunding → from one side this is not a sale… but from the other side you actually giving your template for money which is actually like selling without calling this “a sale”. If this was only about “strict sale process” then maybe you can do this being exclusive, but in other hand we use the word “offer” (offer on other platforms - something like that) and with crowdfunding this could actually be an offer…

Why you make your life so complicated :smiley: ? lol

If I was you I would open the ticket with the support. ;]

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