Can I renew older purchases automatically if I purchase subscription?

I’ve purchased one-off plugins in the past. If I now get a subscription, will they all be auto-renewed as part of the subscription moving forward? If I get the subscription, I want to make sure I am not paying again to renew specific older plugins. Thanks

You don’t get the auto updates when using the subscription in the same way that you do when buying the full copies

With elements you need to be actively subscribed and go back and re download an item once a newer version is added

Thank you. What I meant was, I already purchased several one-off plugins from you as separate purchases. I am now considering buying a subscription. Therefore,

  1. Can I get updates for the plugins already purchased using the new subscription?
  2. Can I use the subscription for unlimited sites? On your website, I didn’t see what the subscription covers, and I want to make sure I’m not spending $17 per month for a single website. I want to make sure I can use the tools on as many websites as possible

Thank you very much

It’s only that if you sign up for a year. Month by month it’s closer to $35

Only if they are available on elements (not all items on CodeCanyon are), but you can get lifetime updates from codecanyon anyway?

Yes but you have to download a new copy per website AND you have to be subscribed when creating projects using items from here i.e. you cannot stockpile then unsubscribe