Can I recover an older version of a plugin and (especially) its content?


I built my website using wordpress, and among a number of plugins, i am using Mapplic. It’s a plugin to build maps, and i have spent lots of time building 1 map, with lots of information.
Today I’ve received an email from CodeCanyon, with the link to the Mapplic latest update. I have googled how to update a plugin, gone to my site in filezila, and replaced the old version for the new version. After that, I checked if the page with the map was ok, and I got the message “Error: map with the specified ID doesn’t exist!”. Also, if I check Mapplic plugin in Wordpress, there are no maps in there. I understand the mistake I have made, but i normally updated all my plugins from within wordpress.

Is there an easy way for me to go to yesterday’s version of my worpress (and all its plugins) ? Would i be able to recover everything that I lost?

If there is no easy way, I backed up my website at the end of 2016. Would it be possible to recover the plugin and its content from there, without affecting everything else that I have updated (pages, posts, media…) since the end of 2016?

Thank you very much in advance,