Can I re-submit already approved WordPress theme?



Hello folks,

I have a question, may be anybody can help me. I have a HTML template (approved long time ago). And I’ve a partner he converted my html to WordPress.

So, WordPress version already approved 2 month ago from him account, but right now he’s account has been locked for 3 month.

My question : I am original designer for this item. Can I submit the WordPress version with my account? Its legal? for sure we will submit a ticket to remove old approved item from locked account.

Any sugesstion for me? I am very sadly about this problem because 2 month old approved item 150+ sales and wp developer account locked.

Thanks you.


I think if resubmit your design is rejected. Regards.


you should ask them to move that item to your account


You should send a ticket to Envato support. They will give an officially answer
Good luck!


That’s good idea. 6 days ago I’ve submit a ticket about this problem. Still waiting answer. Thanks for your suggestion.


Already asked my friend. Thanks you.