Can I put my envato profile link in my items?

Hello everyone,

I said in my previous topic that I uploaded just one item and that was first item in envato, and it was rejected.

Nowadays I am preparing for another item to upload in codecanyon. Before I do that I want to know about some topics, and this is one of them. The thing is, if I put my envato profile link in my items… as in footer like this

{ Created by: Tanim Mahbub }

If I do this, I mean if I put my envato profile link in my items, is there any problem with envato uploading policy?

Maybe it’s so silly to ask such a question, but I am not sure about this, and this is why I am asking about this.

Thank you.

There isn’t any problem in keeping your profile links in item previews.

Thank you for reply,

But I am not talking about previews, I want to keep it in footer of main item as I said first.

Is there any problem with it?

hi, i think that this is meant to be placed in the help file and not necessarily where u want to put them …