Can I publish the same script, but built with new framework?

Hi guys.

Just want to know if i can publish the same script, but with new framework.
What i mean with this, is the following… I have a script built with Bootstrap V3, and I want to create a new script using the latest Bootstrap V4.1. For this I will need to create a new html structure in order for the new script to work with the latest version, so it’s like it is going to be a new script, that uses the same old PHP functions… So, my question is this… Can I have the both selling scripts? One with the old Bootstrap version and the other with the new version?!
Is that many people still use the old Bootstrap versions, and recent clients may want to have the latest Bootstrap versions.

Thanks in advance.

Interesting question, but ehh, I doubt it. Since you’re an author in the PHP scripts category, what CodeCanyon perceives you to be selling is PHP code. The HTML and CSS is just a bonus, but the real focus is on the PHP.

With that in mind, no, I don’t think this would be allowed, and I especially don’t think your customers or other authors would appreciate it.

For questions like this it’s actually best to contact support. They will be able to forward it to the review team who can give you a guaranteed answer.

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First of all, thank you for your reply @baileyherbert :slight_smile:

Relative to this you are right, but concerning to some clients that don’t have many coding knowledge, wouldn’t you think that this could be a nice feature? And this would also add more value to the product we provide.
But your point of view is also correct! :slight_smile:
I’ve sent already a message to Envato. Just wayt for their reply.
Thank you so much once more @baileyherbert :wink:

Best regards.

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I think, an update could be better.