Can i publish a flutter App for existing webapp on Codecanyon

Hello Team,
I wanted to know if i will be allowed to add a flutter app for an existing webapp on codecanyon.
The code of the app is all written by my side.
Does codecanyon allows this or do i need to talk with the developer of the webapp.
Thank you

You need permission from the original author.

That’s not so.
If you do not use the original code in your application, such permission is not required.
You are creating a separate product.

It’s doesn’t matter - you cannot create a version of another authors item where you are just adapting the category or software used, without their permission.

If we are talking about a plugin, theme or application, then this is probably a controversial statement

Support can confirm but I am 99% sure on this.

If I built a html version (irrelevant of it being my own original code) of Avada (top WP theme) without asking permission from @ThemeFusion , then I imagine they might be quite upset, and I cannot see any way that envato would ever approve it