Can i pitch my music to media makers through envato email ?

I am a musician/composer…is it allowed to search envato for video/media makers then email them through envato to pitch my material

No, sorry.

Well, if there’s a specific author that you want to discuss a specific collaboration with, then I guess it’s ok… but you can’t just spam everyone in the hopes that they’ll use your music in their videos.


Even if you could, I don’t think Videohivers would like that

Ok…Thank You kindly

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SpaceStockFootage is right

all i wanna say is that your studio looks sweet :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a Nice Day!

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Hey thanks…getting there…would anyone have any advice on how I might push/pitch my stock music wherever ?..Any pointers would be much appreciated.

If you mean promotion in general, I found out recently that even with minimal budget google ad words advertising helps the case pretty good. You just need to evaluate the commercial potential of your portfolio and even a couple of dollars a day pay off pretty decently. That’s just in my case of course. Some use YouTube to gain fans and customers there. It will cost you nothing but your time and might turn out potentially beneficial.

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Thanks…That’s great info…will definitely look into it.

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