Can I participate affiliate program of my own item ?

Hello everyone,
I’m author on themefoest. There are a few items and I need marketing for increasing sale. I can affiliate of my own item. Is it possible ? And it allows themefoest authority. If I participate affiliate program own item, the marketing cost will be reduce by affiliate earning. There are 2 facilities: a. Increased my sale own item b. Earning from affiliate. Please anyone clear this concept .Thanks

I saw multiple authors doing this thing, so I guess Envato allows such a practice. In other hand, I would personally study author and affiliate TOS before doing so…

phpmillion, Thanks a lot for sharing this great info

I just checked Affiliate Program TOS and there’s no single word about such strategy being illegal/wrong. Actually, it’s the opposite. When I go to my affiliate page, Envato automatically generates a link to my portfolio with my own affiliate ID -

So you are good to go.

Why refer buyers to other people’s items, when you can refer them to yours instead?!

Refer to someone else: If they buy, you’ll get 30% of the sale price.
Refer to your stuff: Depends on your exclusivity and level, but you might get up to 100%.


Thanks a lot