Can I obtain a licence for 1 piece of background music? I do not need a subscription

I do not need a subscription for Audio licences as I only require 1 piece of audio throughout an animation. Can I obtain a licence to use the music in an animation that I am working on? It is my own project, I have written, illustrated and published a children’s picture book and now I have decided I would like to animate it.


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Yes from

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there is a particular piece of music on here that fits the animation perfectly though. I will take a look at that link if I have no joy here… unless the same audio is available on both sites?

not guaranteed but quite common to be on both

sorry, I didnt realise that was also the same…

I cannot find this track on there - Download Inspiring And Uplifting Royalty Free Music Track

its ok I found it :slight_smile: thank you for your help.