Can I modify the design of my item?

I want to modify and update my item layout. If I do have any problems,? What are the rules of modification and change of item after approval in codecanyon? My item was approved.

Hi @mernsolution,

There is no rules to follow for the Item modification. If you want to modify then you have to submit the update to get a review from the review team and the update will need to be approved from the review team.



@mgscoder Update automatic approve for elite author then what if we update design?

@codelayers Trusted Update Approval is not related to Elite badge/level. Trusted Update Approval depends on the approval ratio. If anyone received Trusted Update Approval and want a major update for an item then they can open a support ticket for getting review the changes. If anyone misuse their trusted update approve features and get reported (by the customer/community) then envato can take action.

Trusted updates should never be used to make updates that otherwise would not be allowed. What this means is that if you are attempting to make a trusted update that you think would not be approved if it was going through a review queue, whether this is because of our guidelines or quality bar, you should not submit it as a trusted update. It’s your responsibility as an author to check our Content Requirements for the relevant category and ensure that any update you make is in line with the requirements.

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Thank you so much for sharing. Today, I learned a lot about Envato’s review process for items.