Can I migrate from an ElementorPro site to a Themeforest template site?

Hello. I bought a template some years ago from Themeforest and was pretty satisfied. 2 years ago, a friend of mine recommended that I move to Elementor as I needed to rebuild my site with added Blog and Woocommerce functionality, so I abandonned my theme and bought ElementorPro following his recommendation. However, now that my site is up, I realize that I must keep on paying annual license even if I don’t develop the site much any more, just to keep my functionalities running. Whereas, once I bought from Themeforest, it was mine to use. I am therefore wondering if there are ways to migrate from an Elementor Website to another system without those annual licence fees.

If you’re not using PRO features, you can just install the “free” version of the Elementor and keep continue using the website. You can just disable the PRO version and check the website if it’s effected