Can I message Envato directly to ask to investigate an author?

I won’t mention the name but it’s probably pretty obvious if you look at this week’s top weekly sellers. Doesn’t seem very legitimate to me. Like we may have another Acrmedia case.



There was another thread about this and it’s perfectly legitimate.

Leto was extremely smart to create a new year’s themed track using one of his older tracks, and was lucky enough to have it used in a massive VideoHive project (300+ weekly sales). So it’s not foul play, just a combination of luck and skill :wink:

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@AurusAudio beat me to it.

Also, name dropping is not a good idea on the forums.

Lol awesome. Well good for him. Now I kind of feel bad for even bringing it up! Haha. Thank you for the response.


… is still here, but has a different name. I’m not guessing. Username changes are annotated on profile pages. The new name’s profile shows the username was changed from “Acrmedia” about a month ago and that author is still on the weekly top seller list. Maybe that author only seemingly “disappeared” because he/she changed usernames and not because of cheating. Perhaps that person is due an apology as well.

No, that author was disabled for 4 months, and has only reappeared under the new name about a month and a half ago.