Can i make two tracks with one melody in different genres?

Is it allowed or against the rules and i have two include it as additional track? Can’t find specific info about this.

anyone? Please help.

As far as I know, if you use the same melody you can’t submit the 2nd track as a new track in different category. But to be clear I’ll suggest you to send a ticket to support and get the right answer.

Good Luck :+1:

You cannot upload the same song as two different items, but you can have up to 5 versions of the same item, and if you type in the genre in tags and description people will be able to find it if they use keyword search.

Thanks guys! Makes perfect sense,

@Enrize you can submit new item version with the same melody separately as a Remix. And probably you should name it ‘Title (Remix)’.
You can find this information HERE

Good luck!

Yes you can use the same melody but quite different track. and no need to name it remix

I have a track in 3 different musical genres-styles, they all have save melody theme played by different sound or instrument in each version and similar arrangement. My question here is how can I upload all of them (because all versions are great :slight_smile: ). If it’s not allowed to upload as separate tracks could it be uploaded as a pack.