can i make temple like this with no problem

can I make a template like this without no problem copyright

I mean can I make a page to paypal - bootstrap - slack
without copyright problem


You can create your won design. Why you thinking going with other person/user designs!
Present your won creativity people hope you going will success.


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As long as you don’t copy their design or worse still their code then of course you can

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imean the name of brand like : bootstrap - paypal (demo name)
because if i put logo of these company i have soft reject

You must have to give an unique name for your each item.Only Bootstrap or Paypal will not accept reviewer team will given you trademark issue.

but this template (thesaas) use this name in demo

In that may be you can try bootstrap may be they can consider but Paypal will not permissible.
Its totally depended on Envato rules & reviewer team.They accept unique name now lot theme use any kind of name before but now a days it prohibited.