Can I make Slider Revolution pop up when different people come to website

The slider itself is working OK, but I wanted to know if there was a way I could get the slider to pop up when a certain customer comes to the site. Let me explain further. I have an Amazon Affiliate website selling Sport and Outdoor clothing to Men, Women, Girls and Boys. I have developed 4 sliders each for a different person. So, say the boy comes looking for a pair of trainers and clicks on Boys button, the slider I made for a boy, ie: kids on skate boards and action hero stuff clicks in and rolls by while he looks around for a pair of trainers he’s after. Then a woman comes to the site looking for horse riding outfits, shes going to see a slider made for women in mind.

So you see it all fits together only if this is possible. Perhaps some one has thought of this already and incorporated it into the plugin. I’d be grateful if any one could give me more information on this idea.