Can I make similar text animations, transitions and particles as other authors?

Hello! I’m a beginner, please explain what is a unique author’s idea, and what can everyone use? I noticed that most of the AE projects are very similar to each other. The same text animations, transitions, particles, and other design elements are used. Do I understand correctly that I can also make exactly the same animation of text or particles in my project that I saw in another project? In what cases is there a violation of copyright? Rights are violated only if the project is similar in general? Does this not apply to design elements?

There’s a very fine line between inspired by and copied

Exactly the same is a no no

Aside from the dangers of being accused of copyright - if items already exist then there is far less chance of them being approved regardless of if they are just a copy or not

You will do better and run less risk to make everything unique and original


Thank you for your reply!