Can I make item preview with static html for ghost


Hello Everyone,

Previously I thought of hosting my item previews in DigitalOcean but I have issues doing the payment so hence cannot use it. I opted other options but all have a huge expense !

The item preview’s idea is to show what can be done with the theme . so will it do to have static html which show’s the exact replica when its tested on a local server.

Thanking you in Advance!


Someone please, any advice?!


I highly doubt it - the demo needs to be of the file not of a copycat of the file and I would be extremely surprised if the reviewers let this through as it is not a representation of the file on the right platform.

It is exactly the same with the numerous WP versions of HTML templates which need to show the WP version.

Unfortunately to be successful here takes investment in time, funds, etc.


Thank you so much @charlie4282 . I was just asking as to clear my doubts as of you cleared it! I will do my best to reach the demands.