Can I make a stock footage by a mobile camera?

Hi Friends,
Is it acceptable to use a mobile camera to make a footage?
which model of mobile phone or camcorder do you recommend for making footage?
Is making a footage with a mobile camera against the rules of envato?

Thank :pray:

Hey, as long as you can achieve the same quality (and bit rate) of good quality drone cameras/DLSR’s etc, then you’re all good :smiley: Now which phones can achieve this if any? Dunno, maybe the ones with the best cameras, which is always changing.

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Thanks for your attention and reply :pray:

Do you think a phone camera like the Samsung and S10plus models with a UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 (60 fps) can be good, or do you suggest using a camcorder to make footage?

Well I haven’t used that camera so I don’t know, but just test if it can achieve technically “good quality” - with no compression artifacts and no blown out highlights or crushed into oblivion black shadows. Then also make the footage stable and not shaky, and I mean like tripod level stable, not stabilized with some crappy app. After those criteria will be met you might stand a chance.

Then if the composition and subject matter will also be needed for the stock market, you might get an accepted video. There’s alreay so many things shot in the same way, I think it’s hard in general to shoot anything needed, besides countries which are not widely covered yet, drone shots or something altogether new, creative or very relevant for nowadays (covid, vaccines, politics (only if its something ready for commercial use) etc). I say just give it a shot, nothing horrific will happen even if you get rejected :smiley:

BUT if your camcorder can achieve much better technical quality, then obviously use that instead.

Most newer mobile devices today have cameras that are perfectly capable of producing high quality stock footage. Of course, the lighting, camera work, and subject matter will always be a major determining factor, in addition to standard visual quality and aesthetic requirements. But otherwise, Videohive doesn’t have any technical restrictions on footage filmed with a mobile device.

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