Can I install the Envato Elements token in our wordpress customer sites?

Hello, We are developing wordpress sites to our Clients and we are using the envato elements wordpress plugins… Before we proceed, we would like to ask if it is allowed to install the envato elements token in our customer wordpress sites so they can use the envato elements photos included in the plugin…

thanks for your answer


envato elements don’t have personal token systems. do not need any token to use elements items. when you download an item like a website themes/plugins, you have to register it to use in a specific end product. The licenses you get for items you download and register from Envato Elements are only valid if you complete your End Products while your subscription is active.


I´m referring to the plugin for wordpress “envato elements” which ask for a token to connect photo library from envato… see attached image

in the popup (in your screenshot) I can see a link (bottom of the field) Follow this link to generate a new envato elements token. So, it is only elements side (for using only in envato elements subscribed account) token and it will not work at your customer side. This token can use to verify elements subscription and only can use in subscribed account in envato elements.

For more details please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.