Can i include uber menu without tgm activation plugin and can we add some bonus item with wordpress theme?


I am looking to integrate uber mega menu with my wordpress theme without tgm activation plugin is it permissible in theme forest. Also i am looking to add some extra bonus items with my wordpress theme is it also allowed in theme forest.

Looking for the suggestion.


Not sure if reviewers will allow incorporating plugins directly into theme but it’s better practice to use TGMPA. In that way users can update plugin if they have separate license, and you don’t have the pain of changing theme everytime when the plugin is updated.

Thanks for the reply and your suggestion. I have few more questions regarding mega menu, is it better to include uber mega menu for the theme or should need to develop mega menu inside the theme. Can i Also include Videohive video extend version with my theme.

Thanks in advance.

You can. But in this particular case you cannot as Uber Mega Menu doesn’t have an extended license. You can try Mega Main Menu - they have extended license.

To be clear, you cannot distribute UberMenu as part of your theme, as I advised you explicitly yesterday.

I’ve chosen not to provide an Extended License for UberMenu because I believe bundling plugins with themes is a bad idea for everyone involved. The prices are far too low for plugin authors, the theme authors have an undue burden of keeping up a release schedule to keep plugins updated and supporting the plugins they distribute without adequate expertise, and customers don’t get the proper support, licensing, and updates they should be getting for a plugin. It’s much better to purchase plugins and themes separately. (For clarity: compatibility is great, just not bundling - at least not in its current state)

Thanks for the reply and suggestions.