Can I have two Envato Accounts and link them to a same bank account?

Hi there,
Would like to know if opening two Envato Accounts (say 1 for plugin selling and 1 for theme selling) with different names like (Athemes, Aplugins) and then both link to up to a legan entity (registered company) say A Pvt Ltd. - is this possible?

Basically the idea is to brand theme selling account and plugin selling accounts separately, but both of them shares same bank account and company details.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you

You can have more than one account and those accounts can have the same bank account and company details.

You could but it’s suggested to use one account instead. When you have sales, it’d look on your portfolio and it usually attracts the users ( provides trust ) and also the commission. You will start the get the same amount ( 50% ) and it’d be much more easier to get higher commission rate on one account.

If you need someone to provide support on your items, there’s a new feature “team members” so you can add people to your account