Can i have 2 developer accounts on google play ?


I have 2 questions :

1)- I have now a developer account on google play for my personal apps but i want to start a company or foundation for Android apps & games so i want to make a separate account for this company then is it legal to make new account for this purpose ?? and the same thing for admob account ??

2)- I know generally i can’t have 2 developer accounts on google play and may they catch you by IP address and close your accounts … now what if my brother or my wife who use the same address and the same PC want to make an account … How we can avoid blocking our accounts ??

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

No. If you’ve two accounts you will be penalised.

It’s possible, but not with two different accounts, but using instead users & permissions, here is a link which explains it:

But i want the new apos to be under new username and dufferent email … You mean i can add new users to use my account for publishing their apps under their usernames and emails without visitors notice any relation between the account owner and subusers ?